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Found 4 results

  1. Feel free to report more scammers and resellers who violated the rules. HACKx247 (aka ykwim_official) - Scammer (Selling fake & wrong type of keys) - Permanent Disqualification
  2. This is worst thing anyone can do in business, I mean seriously look at the screenshot They are just exploiting the ss community to gain. This two people think they control the sharpshooter community I know this post will be delete but why gangsta is promoting reseller This Udit guy is openly promoting message like he we will provide panel and all.... all we see is abusing gif and abusing language nothing else....he have no knowledge in iOS but he still is admin on official group... you should put someone who have knowledge and know how how to talk to people.. this guy just copied a fix from Arab group and promoting it like he fixed it... lier scammer
  3. I've purchased key from Telegram username @shangogcc on May 16,2020 for a month but after 2 days i got a error 2 account limit exceed and they gave me a resolution that wait for 4 hours i waited but key didn't work they they asked me to wait for a night then i waited key worked but after some time i got the same error again and now it's the third day i am facing this error please provide me a resolution so i can use the key hence i've paid the amount so please provide me refund or please exchange my key. My telegram username is @Heyparas . Please do needfull i'll share ss of error also.
  4. When you guys who fix this error BROKEN PIPE PLEASE DO SOON