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Found 7 results

  1. Can I use one cheat on my multiple devices ?
  2. We are tired loosing key times I bought for a month this happen twice 4 days that’s a long time it’s mean dear devs or increase key times we need to rank push we bought key for that sorry in advance we are stuck kindly give us a time when it’s come out we know you are on final touch Please dears please beg you release
  3. Buying keys since long time, In each game when I reach top (10 alive) open scope and boom..!! I get terminated by pubg and gives me 10 mins ban it's getting out of hands now I have been banned for the 9th time now. Isn't that unfair? See I understand your developers need time but at least give us deadline because I'm trying to reach conquer and it's problematic for me each game I play and I get ban that means I won't get any +tier points my time is totally wasted and buddy time is money lol, I hope you understand
  4. i got banned for 10 years on my main account after using sharpshooter for 3 month i got it today any help for that my device is Ipad 6 gen and its my 1st banned in the game pubg mobile
  5. When i login it’s give me ( Error#1 ) why?
  6. I am having that error when entering my key. Does anyone know what is going on?