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    ya same. after 10 mins you will get 2 hours. better dont play atm until they fix it.
  2. use appsmanager to wipe pubg, delete pubg, use icleaner, install back pubg. and then you guest account will start new.
  3. 1.9.1 from new repo also made me banned after 2 mins in game. 1.9.1 from old repo doesnt get me banned. do u guys change anything?
  4. Withour jailbreak, insta banned, with flyjb, 5 mins and the banned. Im switching back to 1.9.1 at the moment.
  5. Did everything as guide said, banned in training with guest account.
  6. Nope. Its in the middle of game ban. I tried 2 dummy account, 1 with aimbot, 1 without aimbot. Both banned after killing an enemy within a few mins. ios is detected at the moment, be safe everyone. Play dummy account till its safe.
  7. restart game 3-4 times will fix the issue.
  8. as per topic, how to fix it? or have to wait 4 hour? i got ban 10 mins, thats why i delete and reinstall everythig. please help.
  9. once your account banned, delete and reinstall back pubg. if not, next 2-3 account you play after that will be banned even with no hack. i speak from experience.
  10. just wanna ask, what is the meaning of memory aimbot? and what other type of aimbot exist? just curious. thanks.
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    11pro max here and im using 1.9.1 without problem. ios 13.1.1
  12. Already more than 12 hours...
  13. Agreed. Not all want aimbot
  14. Anyone from asia? Wanna team up for crew challenge?
  15. Aimbot = ban risk. Always. No way its 100% safe. They will manually review even u look legit.