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  1. I was just opening the aimbot and using it for video recording. It was very bad for me when this support was removed. please add support again. and also is it possible to hide the esp cheat during video recording?
  2. We record video for tiktok and other platform We hide all ESP only olay aimbot. Please add video record. +1
  3. Hello, I enter the fun with a visitor account. I am using memory aimbot. But when I set it to the head, there is a tab. When I shoot one by one with the gun, it goes to the head, but when I shoot at the far man, the bullets go over the head. I make the recoil part 10.0. How can I get each bullet to go full head?
  4. all other features are being removed. only the application logo remains. It is very nice if a transparency setting is added in it or it is visible and hidden with the volume up and down keys. I will only shoot videos using aimbot.
  5. What iş legacy mode ?
  6. I need FPS and clock but ı am recording video please help me
  7. V17 Pubg Mobile version ?
  8. This is my problem.I am solved with update ?
  9. If the aimbot is not working at all or running crazy. Check input device option first. if you have 1 option, it's okay. but if there is more than one option. (It was me too) Just turn the device off and on. Afterwards, the number of options will decrease to 1.