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  1. The issue is resolved. Thank you so much. Peace
  2. So there's this reseller here by the name of Md Samad. I found his number through one of threads here. Since he's registered here by the title of a Reseller I thought he must be genuine and contacted him through WhatsApp for SS key. I asked him for 1 day key and made the payment and he gave me a key which was not working. He told me he'll be using the key and will give me another key later so I agreed. But he didn't care to respond and is not refunding my amount. His WhatsApp number is: +8801879419658. I'm attaching the screenshots of the whole conversation below including the payment proof and SS error. I made the payment on the UPI ID: [email protected] which is registered by the name of Mohd Bilal Siddiqui. Please make sure this doesn't happens to anyone ever again. Such scammers should be disqualified and strict actions should be taken against them.
  3. You know any direct link? Please share if any.
  4. Where can I report a reseller? I paid him for a 1 day key and he gave me fake key. And now he's not returning my amount.