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  1. I ended up removing all keychains, making a new guest. And then restoring them back. thanks anyway!
  2. Yo guys, hope you’re well. i need support with getting my guest account removed, because it’s on 10 year ban. I’ve stopped buying keys because I’ve had this problem for 3 weeks. And no one can help me issue: my guest account is on 10 years. Whenever I try to start new social account. It takes me back to the banned guest. And it’s stuck... things ive tried: deleting keychain 2.db, using apps manager, using cache cleaner, using ICleaner, removing my jailbreak, and Jailbreaking again, changing my IP, trying to spoof UDID with MGspoofer. none of this works. Any opinions would be great... thanks I’ve also reset my location and privacy settings, reset my network settings. Turned my privacy settings off, to stop the pubg app viewing my stuff. in total been banned 3 times, once with sharpshooter and IGG, one time offline ban just sharpshooter... and ban of my guest with sharpshooter after crash. I didn’t respiring