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  1. I want version 2.1.2 please
  2. Hi guys, be careful because this morning I was banned. It was in Ace 14 stars.
  3. I am having that error when entering my key. Does anyone know what is going on?
  4. I am having a bug when using the scope, the character becomes invisible and then the game freezes. istec version 2.0.6. With version 2.0.2 I was doing well.
  5. but aimbot only works when opening scope. It would be nice if they added an aimbot without aiming for close encounters.
  6. the menu does not open I think I need a jailbreak file. You could help me.
  7. the menu does not open
  8. Tell me what it means because I still don't know.
  9. The repo to install INSTEC is not available. what's going on?
  10. Ban for 10 years, with the previous version they had never banned me and I was in As 8 stars. the new version has bugs and we are paying for it.
  11. Tengo el mismo problema
  12. ¿Alguien puede decirme qué está pasando?