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  1. Awais, what is your telegram bro?
  2. Message me on telegram bro , what's ur username? I will help you
  3. @Fawaz1994message me on telegram: @HighASF9
  4. Omg Do we get our days back from the time we had to wait for an update I got no more time now
  5. When is the update going to be released @Asyhole??
  6. It's just how the world works. Just be patient.
  7. What do you mean? I thought it runs on Mac XD
  8. They should just release a esp and lower the price of keys
  9. This feature was used in platinmods, and everyone is getting banned
  10. Where you a leaderboard player?? Just now I uninstalled my game, and then reinstalled. I then made a new account and played with SS and I got banned on the third game using memory based aimbot