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  1. From which site you bought You are talking about udiking
  2. And do you think the withdrawal from the visa card is like this without sending a confirmation message to your phone? When you want to be smart, don't be stupid at the same time
  3. Any Indian seller I enter his group and I see that the price of the rupee does not match the price of the dollar, the seller will be alerted only once, and when not committed, his membership will be suspended
  4. I recently noticed that fraud has become a lot and a big problem. So, when you want to check an official seller, enter the site and check the seller's logo on the company website. I also noticed that some sellers offer the dashboard with money. I also noticed that someone says to others give me some money and I will open a sales panel for you with a specified amount of money. No one has the authority to open a control panel except for the sales manager first and second the regional manager of the company, of course I will respond as much as possible but the pressure is very large and will be coordinated soon All requests will be answered by all applicants and accredited if the terms and conditions permit and I have also noticed that some sellers claim to be responsible About opening a control panel for sellers and he is the regional manager of the company and distributing the keys to the sellers and after a while he will say that he is the developer and the owner of the company and I repeat that there is no seller or distributor who has powers in this matter except for the sales manager and the regional manager of the company, I and anyone who does these things immediately, tell him , Give me your site inside the company, and tell me from your page on the company what your characteristic and any problem with the sellers. Talk to me on the SSshooter telegram.
  5. I hope everyone is wary of fraudsters. I have recently seen plagiarism and plagiarism, and my name is for fraud and fraud. My account is well known inside the telegram and inside Twitter. Please check carefully the people who impersonate my character or the status of any official seller inside the company.
  6. I noticed recently that some distributors sold keys at a price of less than $ 38, and this is considered a price contrary to the company I wish all sellers to alert the distributors not to sell the key at a price below $ 38, and the seller and distributor will be notified, and his account and keys will be closed if he does not adhere to the company price I wish everyone success and adherence to the company’s terms, and any note below this price. Please inform me if you find prices lower than the specified price
  7. Send me his account on the Telegram
  8. All vendor accounts that do not comply with prices, rules, and regulations are now closed, and all locations are verified And any seller notices a decrease in the price on the seller's sites. Tell me immediately Telgram SSshooter
  9. to all distributors Any seller is forbidden to enter the other group and compete with the price. Be an honest seller, do not enter the pool of other sellers and adhere to the prices set by the company. Failure to comply will result in you being violated and violating rules and regulations for everyone who does not sell at the set prices. From today I will monitor all sellers sites and prices.