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  1. Increase the bullet speed to 580. Set swipe speed to 3.5 Set recoil compensation to 3.2 Keep ur ads camera setting to 60.
  2. My device is realme x2pro rooted with sd855+ which is the best we can buy now. If you see in the ss i have died because of fps drops and in spectator mode too i am getting terrible frames almost unplayable. Do mind my battery is above 90% and i have disabled any battery optimization setting.
  3. Aimbot on firing will be an usefull feature but I don't think it will be possible for them to achieve.
  4. Hopefully they add this feature in the next update it will be very usefull.
  5. A suggetion about skeleton esp. It would be awesome if developers add an option that if a player is behind cover its skeleton will be green and if enemy is exposed its skeleton will be would be an awesome feature in long range as its difficult to judge if the enemy is peaking or in open.
  6. I am using the latest loader. After playing with ss when i re opened my game i got instant 3rd party ban of 10 min. I am now scared to open game right now. @Asyhole plz check this it never happened before. I played 2 matches after the update and when i reopened my game i got 3rd party ban.
  7. Vicky

    Ban again

    Any other things that i need to do before playing? I am afraid to play now as i aready got 1 day ban and week ban.
  8. Vicky

    Ban again

    I posted this on 23rd but no one repled so i had to tag you now plz see its 7 days ban while using touch simulation aimbot.
  9. Vicky

    Ban again

    @Asyhole plz reply to this i got ban while using touch simulation aimbot. I have also hidden root detection for cod in magisk still i got ban.
  10. 2 days earlier i got 1 day ban and now i got 7 days ban.
  11. New version is working great no issues till now. But still i request developers to add touch simulation aimbot as current one is memory based which is good but it will give ban at some point.
  12. Well that cannot happen as u guys removed the recording feature.