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  2. Ace 2star you can suspect with gold account for ace 3star and more you need 2700 and 26level no server has nothing to do with anything Told you
  3. Maybe the coder needs to implement a "if and then" statement in the code for the aimbot. If within short distance, aim how the aimbot is now. And if within a further distance, aim lower. But if that was implemented then every time you scope in at an enemy it would have to decide whether the person is within the close range or far range. It may create lag or freezing.
  4. so in this way i need to change the settings very frequently. yes. i mean that
  5. Where and how can I pay for a key, will the aimbot work?
  6. For being an aimbot, you should not have to move your aim down. An aimbot is suppose to aim for you. The setting in the code is probably a little too high on the target. Even when I use neck it still shoots over their head.
  7. Right now the hack is being worked on... Wait for the update to come out. People are getting banned for using it now.
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  9. Hi guys i bought key for 30 days, i use it for 27 days, yesterday i try to play game but it show me Error#1, and my key is going to expire on 6 june, again i buy another key for 7 days, i play one game with the key, but after i exit the game and open it again to play game, it show me the same problem, ERROR#1
  10. I will give some advices for iOS users and aimbot: 1- If you are going to spray from far distances, use body aimbot, generally knocks fast. 2- Use neck or head for medium and close distances and while shooting move the aim down, in this way it will always hit head. 3- For Sniping i recommend neck aimbot option and moving down the aim while shooting as it will hit head most of times, body option works a wonder also and doesnt requires aiming down, but will take 2 shots to knock people down.
  11. I believe what you are trying to say is that when using the aimbot from a far distance, it aims slightly above their head and you cant hit your target.
  12. انا كنت العب في اصدار 2.1.2 وماعندي اي مشكله كانت من حدثت وانا ماني قادر العب لعبه وحده ارجو منك ان ترسل لي اصدار 2.1.2
  13. We have a reseller section of the website where you can see.prices and contact information to buy
  14. We have a reseller section of the website where you can see.prices and contact information to buy
  15. The issue is resolved. Thank you so much. Peace
  16. The aimbot just put the sight on the people, which makes it hard to hit people far from you, and makes it impossible to use aimbot on the snipers. i hope you can improve the aimbot as well.
  17. I don’t say it i use this key.I lost my all contract and message from my phone. I tell you that...i'll given you another key. This key come wrong from panel. I didn’t give you wrong key. And mind it Am not a robot.. I'll try my best allows here. Inbox me again with payment proof for your key.
  18. I got banned because of sharpshooter
  19. hi . i am from oman i wont be seller my Email : [email protected] hi how are you I am from the Middle East from the Sultanate of Oman, I want to be a seller of Sharp Shooter codes Can I know the way? please
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